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The concept

is to create a website where people can pay per view LIVE concerts, theatre shows, comedy shows live as they are happening to increase door takings from people who are not able to come to the live show, don't want to travel because of bad weather or simply because there are no more available tickets on the door. There are also another hundred reasons why.

as you do with Pay Per View TV if you are sitting at home and decide your want to watch a movie why not build a database of shows that people can pay per view again and again.

We have full access to the web as do companies like ITV and we uplink in the same way via satellite anywhere.

Audio Recording

We live mix the audio of the show as it happens from our broadcast van and stream it live. we also record 64 channels of multi track with backup in case the customer wants to do any repairs or touch-ups for future re mixes as a live album.

Video Recording

Same as the audio we will mix the video in full HD and live stream it to our site in sync with the audio. this can be done with 1 fixed camera facing the stage for cutaways as well as 1 , 2 , 3 or more mobile HD cams with camera men with a live visual mixer mixing the video as the concert is in progress. This again will be recorded as individual raw camera data available for taking to a video suite for re mixing along with the Audio.

CD and DVD Duplication on the Night and After

We can duplicate DVD's CD's in our mobile units as well as back at our studio. Qty's of 50 full Video and Audio every 8 Minuets and Qty of 50 80 minuet Audio CD's every 3 minuets.

Our Broadcast Van's are similar to these and are fully kitted out with satellite link Via a dish

Live Concert Mixing



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